First Annual “Tour de Newton”

What a great day for a ride! Kudos to all participants, especially those who rode the whole 20 mile circuit!

October 13, 2013 … First Tour de Newton ride around the 13 villages.   13 was the lucky number!

Congrats to the Newton South East Little League Team!

On September 16, 2013, the Newton Board of Aldermen gave recognition to the Newton South East Little League Team for their accomplishments this past summer in winning the Massachusetts title.  The first Newton Little League team to do so since 1998.   Known as “the Comeback Kids”, this tenacious group of thirteen 11 and 12 year olds fought their way back on 9 occasions on their way to the championship.  Though they did not make the top 4 at the New England regionals, their team spirit and positive attitude earned them a bat salute from their competitors.

Newton Liger Dragonboat Team

The Newton Youth Dragonboat team had a great maiden voyage on the Charles River in the 2013 Boston Dragonboat races celebrating the Dragonboat Festival.  Comprised students from both Newton North and Newton South, the Newton “Crouching Tigers” paddled to victory in the Youth Division.  Yup, that’s Greer sitting in the drummer seat.  Both Greer’s son and daughter are also on the boat.

Wellington Weed Warriors

Well, it seems to be that time of year.  So that we may continue to enjoy our community resource in Wellington Park (in West Newton), several volunteers got together Sunday morning and cleared away some serious invasive plants that would choke our trees and floral plants if we let them.  Co-ordinated by Ann Borg (pictured far left).

Honoring the men and women who served

May is always the month to honor the men and women who served our country who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so that we may continue to live ours with freedom.   Many of them did.

As we do every year, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Newton gather at the Newton Cemetery to pay respects and honor each soldier buried there by planting flags at every soldier’s grave.   Do you know of a soldier to honor?  Flags are available at the Veterans’ Affairs office at City Hall.

Celebrating Newton Diversity

Though not running for re-election this year, Greer remains active in the Community.  Serving as MC, youth activities coordinator and panelist during Newton Cultural Awareness Month.   We hope to make this the first of an annual tradition!

Year of the Snake

Welcoming the Year of the Snake with the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association and honoring our long time patrons.

It was an honor.

Thank you, to one and all!

What an honor it has been to work with some of the most open minded and dedicated people that I have had the good fortune to meet along the campaign trail.

I am incredibly disappointed by the results, but it was NOT for lack of work, heart and support.  We may have lost, but we were not beaten.

The numbers don’t tell the whole story.

  • We worked for bipartisanship and we got individuals who said “You’re the first Republican I’ve voted for” and “I voted for the person, not the party.”
  • We worked for civility and we got individuals who said “I may not agree with you, but I learned something from you.”
  • We worked for community and we got Democrats, Independents, unenrolled and Republicans standing side by side holding signs, sharing a cup of hot cider.

I know we got people’s attention.  I thank my supporters for that.  And I thank the people of Newton for opening your doors and sharing your concerns.

You are worth working for and you are worth fighting for.

Individual choice.  Independent voice.

Our campaign gave voters a choice.  I am proud to have been an independent voice, to have been the cause for people to stop, think and make a conscious decision.

I will continue to fight for choice.  There would be no freedom if there was no choice.  There would be no democracy if there was no voice.

Until next time.  Your choice.  Your voice.  Your freedom.


Greer talks about the Issues

Tom Sheff invited the candidates for the 11th Middlesex House of Representatives to sit with him to discuss the issues on his show “Veracity” aired weekly on NewTV.  Ms. Khan declined the invitation but Greer welcomed the questions from the insightful host.

Tom asks about jobs and the state of the economy, transportation and affordable housing.

Greer talks about jobs, balance and choice.  Giving voters a chance to truly examine issues from more than perspective and giving everyone an informed choice.

Watch the video here.

Celebrating my heritage

Double Ten Day celebrates the establishment of Chinese democracy in 1911.  Boston celebrated with the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Commission and community leaders of Boston’s Chinatown.