Groundbreaking for the Newton 9/11 Memorial

Greer participates in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Newton 9/11 Memorial in front of the Newton Fire Headquarters in Newton Centre.

Click Here for the local TV coverage of the event.

Remembering September 11, 2001

Eleven years ago, on a Tuesday like today, under a sky as blue as it is today, our country, our freedoms and our beliefs came under attack in the most physical way.  Yet through the ashes rose heroes.  Through the chaos rose leaders.

May we remember this day and those we have lost.  May their sacrifice not be in vain.   Let us remember the lessons we’ve learned.  Let us not forget.

God bless America.

Peace be with you.

Bringing jobs back to Massachusetts

CNBC have released their annual report on America’s Top States for Business.  This is a national ranking of the 50 states based on:

  • Cost of doing business
  • Workforce
  • Quality of Life
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Business Friendliness
  • Access to Capital
  • Cost of Living

Massachusetts dropped in ranking from #6 to being ranked #28th in the nation as a state with which to do business.

Join Greer’s blog and talk about how we can bring work back to Massachusetts.

Happy Birthday, America!

Come join Greer and your neighbors in Newton as we celebrate the 236th Anniversary of the adoption of the American Declaration of Independence!

Visit our booth at Albemarle Field on July 4th.  Come say “Hello!” and learn why you should vote SWISTON this coming Fall!

If you haven’t already, join the conversation online at the Newton Patch Blog with Greer.  Remember your sunscreen.  Stay hydrated.  Stay cool.

Building Community

Meeting and working with all members of the community is important.

The lessons, concerns and advice from our seniors are a valuable asset to any society.

Respect for our past gives us wisdom for our future.

Building a foundation with and investing in our next generation leads to all our tomorrows.

Bridging from one generation to the next is key to keeping our communities strong.

Remember to Remember – May 28, 2012

Follow the Campaign

Where can you meet up with Greer?  Check in with her on facebook or follow her on twitter #RunGreerRun

Got questions?  Send them to or schedule a coffee.  This race is about YOU.

Team Swiston

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the birds are chirping … keep an eye out for Team SWISTON!

They might come to your door, meet you on the street, greet you at a corner.  They might be volunteering at an event, working in their yard or running in a race.  They are ready to tell you why THEY support Greer Tan Swiston for State Representative of the 11th Middlesex District.

Want to join the team?  Contact Lynne LeBlanc at!

And She’s Off …

Greer Tan Swiston Kicks Off her campaign for State Rep with a run through the streets of Newton

Starting in Auburndale, Team Swiston ran 6 miles with measured intervals in Newton Lower Falls, West Newton, Newtonville, Nonantum and Newton Corner.  Proving that even through less than ideal conditions, she’s willing to run the course, Greer Tan Swiston kicked off her campaign with a six mile run through Newton in the cold drizzle of rain.

She was greeted by enthusiastic supporters at several stops along the way.  The team even stopped at the fire station to help hand out water to other runners on the road, many training for the Boston marathon.

She’s dedicated, innovative, accessible and driven.  We need Greer in the State  House!

Vote for SWISTON in November!

... A great start to an exciting year!

Stepping up to the starting line!

March 31, 2012

Greer is stepping up to the starting line.

Come on! Let’s run this race together!

Greer is kicking off her campaign by running 6 miles through the 11th Middlesex district.

Are you a runner? A jogger? Just like T-shirts? Run with Greer or meet her along the route.

Contact Lynne at for more details, to give feedback or simply to sign-up to receive more updates.

Email Greer at

Please make donations to:
Committee to Elect Greer Swiston
P. O. Box 1
West Newton, MA 02465